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How to Break Free From Sending Awkward Emails and Messages When Invoicing

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Are you a professional freelancer and have been adding to your menu of service and product offerings, but are looking for more efficient and secure ways to transact with your clients to get paid on time? If so, then you are likely trying to break free from sending awkward emails, text messages, or phone calls asking for payment. But, how?


Believe it or not, small businesses and freelancers are plagued with these types of experiences, causing instability and frustration. Sending invoices and hoping for your client to pay you on time can get extremely overwhelming and burdensome. But, it does not have to be that way. Link sharing is the new normal when it comes to invoicing and asking for prompt payment. This method can be automated to send reminders to help ensure you do not ever miss a receivable or delayed payment ever again.

How it Works

You can create a custom link to send to your clients via email, text message, and other ways to ask for payment for goods and services. The payment link can be used to send them to your website or direct payment with several convenient payment method options right at their fingertips within minutes. That’s it! This means you will gain access to a more effective, efficient, and time-saving solution to invoicing while also being provided a seamless way to reduce costs.

Stop Chasing Payments

Perhaps you are excited to implement this type of method and are now searching for the best platform that offers payment links for freelancers. Visit Xccept.com. They offer complete payment solutions to support business growth and sustainability. You can trust them to understand your needs for secure, fast, and reliable payment links for your brand of goods and services. Visit Xccept.com to get started today.